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NCX Contract Address:
0x692F7779Ec85f887e247a29d9b5Ca7A99B152199   Click Here to Copy  

The NCX community is made up of a vast range of creators, makers, developers, and more. Everyone has their own experience and skills, and we all work together to deliver a best result for everyone.
Develop a community that has good human values, unite and help each other for common well-being.

Community group have the opportunity to growing fast by superb commitment by grounded working team to giving value to community holdings to a level that can be proud of.

We Grow Together, We Strong Together


NCX intend to meet the target as a token that provides capital resources for multiple projects that will be developed at the same time as a money machine for the NCX token itself to guarantee price increases.

How that’s possible, did DEV need to sell of NCX to gain the fund for the project? That’s will not going to be happen here as the Genius structuring had been scripted in the hardcode itself which the smart contract will do it automatically without significantly harming momentum of chart growth.

This is what we call the BEST of NCX Technology.


NCX Technology drives to be a funding token, with a diverse community working together to achieve a common goal: A ROBOT Technology that always be upgrading, evolving, and actively running wisely by minor supervision.

To achieve this, development and management of NCX will be decentralized, with governance decisions guided by the NCX Foundation, and NCX Foundation reinvested in the long-term success of the system cycle.


– Supply – 10 Billion Nucleus Tokens
– Reflection Pool – 10%
– Taxes – 8% tax on all transactions
– Team – 70% (locked)

A Decentralized Community Token that Evolved into a Vibrant Ecosystem

Safe – Nucleus project aims at unlocking liquidity in smart assets through an end-to-end decentralized ecosystem, improving on current tokens

Transparent – A token that will increase transaction transparency within commerce by providing a real-time and detailed log of all transactions.

Valuable – Committed to giving value to community holdings to a level that can be proud of!

The NCX community is made up of a vast range of creators, makers, developers, and more. Everyone has their own experience and skills, and we all work together to deliver a best result for everyone.Develop a community that has good human values, unite and help each other for common well-being.

Community group have the opportunity to growing fast by superb commitment by grounded working team to giving value to community holdings to a level that can be proud of.

Purchase Using PancakeSwap

1. Download MetaMask or Trust Wallet Applications
2. Purchase Binance Tokens (BNB) and send them to your MetaMask or Trust Wallet.
3. On the home page of nucleus-token.com click on “Purchase Tokens” button. This will open a Dapp Exchange Called “PancakeSwap”.
4. A popup will open, click the check box “I understand”, this will load Nucleus Token (NCX) into PancakeSwap.
5. Make sure your MetaMask Wallet or Trust Wallet Is synced with PancakeSwap.
6. Set the amount of Nucleus Token (NCX) you would like to purchase, and set slippage to 9%. Then press Swap!
7. Enjoy your trip to the stars!

Purchase Using PooCoin

1. Make sure in Trust Wallet have enough amount BNB to buy the Nucleus Token (NCX).
2. Convert BNB to BNB Smart Chain using network BEP20.
3. On the home page nucleus-token.com, copy the contract address of Nucleus Token (NCX).
4. Click Browser on button Menu Trust Wallet, search PooCoin BSC Charts or https://poocoin.app/
5. Click PooCoin. Make sure synchronize your Trust Wallet with BNB Smart Chain BEP20.
6. Paste the contract address of Nucleus Token (NCX).
7. Click the Nucleus Token (NCX) appear on screen.
8. Click button Trade. Enter your amount BNB Smart Chain BEP20 that you will Buy the Nucleus Token (NCX)
9. Click trade

Whitepaper / Audit

Our Advantages And Strengths

  • No Airdrops and freebies.
  • Developers also need to buy it themselves in the market.
  • 70% locked
  • 10% reward and wallet marketing.
  • 20% are in the market.
  • No more dump activities will be done by developers.
  • LP will always be large for selling and buying activities.
  • A clear mission to grow and be strong together.
  • Efforts to develop and popularize NCX token continuously to give the best value to the community holders.
  • Focus on developing a strong community, working together, united, friendly and helping each other to grow together.
  • Continue to plan and develop many new projects in the future to provide mutual benefits to all communities.

Transaction Limits (Anti Whale & Anti Dump)

We have max transaction limits and max token holding limits.

At launch, the max transaction limit is 2% of the total supply, and the max holding limit is 2% of the total supply. These will be micro-managed as needed as NCX holders grow.

All of our decisions have been made to make NCX Token as safe, and profitable as possible for you.

Redistribution to Holders (Reflection)

We have a redistribution fee of 1% on all transactions. To get more NCX, just buy and hold. Every transaction puts more NCX in your wallet completely automatically.


In order for project starter this people are those behind the scene which are injected an initial fund for the sake of development progress.

There is “Funding Agreement” had been sign off in between as a mutual understanding of investment SUM, Projects Cost, Investment Periods etc which describe with win and win situation.
Terms & Condition agreed by both parties:

❑ 100% Released supply in market
❑ 70% buy market from INV + DEV and LOCKED/Blacklisted
❑ 10% Reflection Pool
❑ 70% LOCKED as asset to created Threshold price
❑ 70% can be reimbursed by Open Tender (P2P)

Fintech Flow


If you use bots, you are not permitted to purchase NCX or any future token that launches via the NCX LaunchPad. Any purchase that you make will be considered a 100% donation to the NCX community. Your account will be locked and you will not be able to sell or swap your tokens.

We do not permit bots at all. Of ANY kind. If you use them, do not attempt to buy NCX. You will lose your money.

So hopefully we only have the good, wholesome, and honest people left.


We have a 3% fee on all transactions that is added to the liquidity pool for NCX

We use them in 2 very clever ways….

1. We use them for Giveaways/Marketing, Road Tour, SOCMED Ads, this helps to promote NCX.

2.Based on the current cryptocurrency market outlook, there are indications of a bear market in the works, which would significantly impact cryptocurrency prices, with the majority of cryptocurrencies experiencing a significant decline due to a high volume of sell orders from their holders. In this context, reflection token holders benefit from having a distinct advantage in a bear market. Despite implementing a self-generating income mechanism, there is still an incentive to hold despite price fluctuations, thanks to the ‘hold and earn’ mechanism and associated culture it promotes.

When this wallet is holding more tokens than we need, we lower the fee to 0% and we move the 2% to other places where it can be used most effectively. Either to the Auto-Liquidity, the marketing wallet or to boost the redistribution to holders.


Finally, we have the marketing wallet. This takes a 3% fee on all transactions, it is paid directly to the wallet in BNB and is used to cover all of our expenses and pay for marketing of NCX

Reflection tokens’ allocation model differs significantly from that of other tokens in the industry due to the mechanism they employ. It works by automatically charging a tax, which is usually 10% after each transaction. This tax is then redistributed and shared among liquidity pools, marketing and development fees, and holders of reflective tokens. This is done to improve the allocation model’s transparency and to keep the respective communities informed. All wallets that receive a percentage of this tax are publicly available on the blockchain for effective tracking and accountability.



Our Partner Projects
Partnership with BTT-FX Team

ROBOT Signal Trading
ROBOT Auto Trading
ROBOT Compounding
Sports & Recreations
Education & Training
Products Development & Marketing
IT Coding Consultation
Physical Business
Donations & Charity

Partnership Benefits

What Benefits for INV + DEV?
❑ Monthly Income from BTTFX Project
❑ Quarterly Income from BTTFX Project
❑ Nucleus (NCX) Token
Notes: Continues Income as long as Holding the NCX token and LOCKED

What is BTTFX Project?
❑ Forex Trading Bot Signal (~40% monthly profit)
❑ Forex EA Trading Bot (~2% Daily profit)
❑ Forex EA Compounding Trading Bot (~200% Quarterly profit)
Notes: Link to BTTFX Website https://www.btt-fx.com/

How and when INV+DEV can sell off the LOCKED NCX Token?
a) Any INV or DEV freely can Open Tender to sell off their LOCKED token in BTTFX Official Website + SOCMED or Organic tender.
b) Transaction trading MUST using P2P medium.
c) ASSET price rate depends on Market Price on that particular sell off day.
d) Need to get APPROVAL from all BODs before tender submission.

Official Partner Price Listing

News / Blog

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-11 at 4.04.21 PM
Ultimate Beatdown

Ultimate Beatdown Fight League We present to you our Fighter BOXING MMA in Night Fight in NOVEMBER this year..Stay tuned…..

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